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Linux command and PHP

In Operating systems either it is linux, unix or windows system, there are programs which are running on background to keep system functional, these programs are called processes. in linux or unix like systems we have ps command to view processes running on system. ps command is used to check currently running process status on […]

Quick Review on SQLite with PHP

Searching for a minimal size of database i found SQLITE the best. one simple file that not take more space (in KB) and supports multiple table, index view, triggers and many more, all data is stored in one single file and work as a database engine. Working with php, i use Sqlite3 version. To execute […]

Working with PHP and XML

This article gives you an understanding that how can we read a XML Document in PHP. first we have an idea that what is XML? Xml is a data storage format. It makes a choice for user to define tags and attributes. A simple structure of an xml document is: In this xml document parent […]