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Hello, my name is Alok Sah, Web Developer.

Your input is welcome and your support is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your interest in Developments!
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  1. sugesh
    sugesh August 30, 2011

    I want to create two geofence(circle) in a map.Is it possible?Please help me to do this…

    • Alok Sah
      Alok Sah September 3, 2011


      trying to this but yet not success.
      if i get i will post it.
      anyone have any idea please help…

  2. Asrar Ahmed
    Asrar Ahmed September 12, 2011

    Hi ur geofence article is very nice but at the same time we can create only one so pls let me know how to create multiple geofence beside the geofence.

  3. BS Chakravarthy
    BS Chakravarthy November 28, 2011


    I am unable to get “List Box Manipulation using jQuery”.
    Would you kindly send me the download link.

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